Athlete’s Profile – Useful information

When an athlete registers in one or more of whynot races, an athlete profile is developed by the system including useful information as well as the Athlete’s ID.  The profile is developed once and it is linked to the athlete’s e-mail.
Attention: if an athlete registers with a different e-mail in the future, a new profile will be developed resulting to problematic race results, rankings and statistics.

The profile set up can be done once the athlete logs in using his/her e-mail and password.

Step 1 – Login

  1. Select Athlete Profile and then Login.
  2. Type your registration e-mail (the one used for registering into one or more events).
  3. Type your registration password.
  4. Click into login

If you can recall your password, please select “forgot password” and follow the instructions to reset password.

Step 2 – Profile setting

Once you log into your profile, then you can set it up by adding photos and useful information that will be used for race result posting and league ranking.

Your Profile

By setting up your profile with all the appropriate information and pictures, you give the organization (whynot) the right to use them while posting race results, league rankings and athletes ’statistics.  For more information, please refer to the following link: 

Athlete Profile

league results