All the events of the 3rd Epidavros Action

After several months of design and redesign, we have all the racing options of the 3rd Epidavros Triathlon ready. Our primary goal was to create a safe environment, allowing athletes to test their abilities in Triathlon and Aquathlon. Starting with our little triathletes, the race category “Kids” introduces the sport to the newcomers.  Right after that, we have the option of a super sprint for the older ones and for those with some experience.  Sprint Triathlon & Aquathlon are the most acclaimed competitions. At the two largest distances (Standard & Endurance),there are higher requirements due to longer distances, terrain morphology and elevated altitudes. In Standard, athletes compete for a total of 61 kilometers with 922 meters altitude on  bike.  Finally, Endurance is an Extreme Half Triathlon option. It requires very good physical fitness on the part of athletes and relevant experience on similar route profiles. It is the only race that will be applied cut off time, that is, athletes will have time constraints on completing parts of the race.  This regulation applies to all Extreme Triathlon matches organized abroad and its sole purpose is the orderly and safe conduct of the match. Those who choose the Endurance distance should therefore be properly prepared to be able to enjoy the unique route and finish safely within the time limits.


All events have been captured in great detail through interactive maps on the official website of the game ( We insist that everyone interested should thoroughly study all of the information provided to choose the right competition race.

As we have previously mentioned in several updates, several training sessions will be held in order for the triathletes to get to know the routes and choose the most suitable for them.