ENAK Rescue Team supports event

ENAK RESCUE TEAM, the volunteer team of ENAK Lifeguard academy will support again, offering its valuable services during swimming.

Short Curriculum Vitae of ENAK

ENAK – Hellenic Lifeguard Academy

The Hellenic Lifeguard Academy is recognized by the Ministry of Shipping – Aegean and Hellenic Coast Guard – Hellenic Republic, est. 1996.

The ENAK – HLAC® tax identification number is 046014568.

The ENAK – Hellenic Lifeguard Academy, is the largest educational academy in the field of lifeguarding, and one of the first lifeguarding schools, in Hellas (Greece).

  • ENAK plays a leading part in all lifeguarding activities that take place in Hellas. We also organize numerous lifesaving demonstrations with many local and interstate municipalities throughout the country.
  • ENAK provides the best-trained lifeguards at swimming pools and around the Hellenic coastline, guaranteeing the safety of all Greek swimmers.
  • ENAK provides lifeguarding coverage to all championships, races, etc.,
  • ENAK provides lifeguarding training throughout the whole year. With a winter and summer program.
  • ENAK provides planning and development of lifeguarding requirements for all water facilities and can supply all lifeguard posts with the most up to date lifeguarding equipment in the world.
  • ENAK is the first academy to provide training for all ages, especially for the junior lifeguards of the future, from ages 9 to 14.
  • ENAK has participated at Pan-European conferences and in cooperation with international organizations and institutions. This places the Hellenic Lifeguard Academy – ENAK as a valued contributor to lifeguarding internationally.
  • ENAK academy graduates participated at the International Rescue 2000 Lifesaving competition, held in Sydney, Australia and International Rescue 2006 Lifesaving competition, held in Geelong-Lorn, Australia. This was the first national representation for Hellas since the inception of these games.
  • ENAK is the first academy in Hellas with an Internet presence: enak.gr – email: enaknet@gmail.com from 1997.


With our unique facilities for Greek standards, and with more than 8.550 graduates already established in the employment network as fully qualified lifeguards, (Via the Job Seeking Department of the Academy), ENAK has grown steadily in Hellas over the last 15 years and become one of the main suppliers of lifeguards.

By providing the ultimate training in lifeguarding techniques, ENAK has become an attraction pole for hundreds of young people every year. People who love water activities, but most of all, people who love human life and its preservation!!!

Best regards.