Western Argolic Gulf (Tolo – Nafplio – Kiveri)

We meet in Tolo, on Sekeri Street.

We cycle on the main street that takes us to the city of Nafplio.  Through the city roads, we get to the port and then by following the coastal road, we arrive in Kiveri, which is our final destination.

The ride is very easy, basically flat, moderate road traffic, and a lot of different natural sceneries.  We return with the support car.  The brave ones can always cycle back.

  • Departure Point: Village of Tolo, Argolis
  • Departure Time: 09:00
  • End of Tour Point: Village of Kiveri, Argolis
  • Coffee break at Kiveri: 30min
  • Support Car: Yes
  • Guide: Yes

Distance: 28km

Total Ascent: +180m

Average Speed: 25-30km/h

Rating: 1/5

Duration: 2h

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from Tolo...

Tolo is a pretty seaside town with about 2,500 inhabitants. It is located a short distance south of Nafplio and attracts many tourists during the summer months. The natural surroundings of the town with its beautiful beaches create a picturesque, romantic and idyllic picture. Opposite the port, one can admire the three little islands, Koronisi, Romvi and Daskalio. The main occupations of the residents of Tolo are primarily tourism and fishery. Tolo is renowned for its excellent tourist infrastructure, impressive natural beauty as well as its warm hospitality of its inhabitants, qualities which attract visitors from around the world. Kiveri

Kiveri is a picturesque on the sea village with a population of 995 inhabitants. The villagers are mainly occupied with fishing, farming and cattle-breeding, while recently the tourism sector has been also developed. Concerning the name of the village – Kiveri stems from the Greek word kivernisi meaning government – it is believed that the name was given to the region when governor Kapodistrias, for a short period of time, had his headquarters there.
So, there was the “kivernio” or Kyveri and finally Kiveri. The found remains of Mycenaean tombs evidence inhabitation of the region since ancient years. The inhabitation flow of the region through the centuries was a continuous one.  During the medieval years a very strong castle built by the Franks used to exist at the area; Franks were masters of the region until 1389. Then and until 1481 Venetians became the masters and finally Turks. In March 1824 Kiveri became the battle field of the raised civil disputes. The forces of the opposed governors of Kranidi and Nafplio fought against each other at the area.

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Departure Point:

Village of Tolo, Argolis

Departure Time: 09:00