Epidaurus to Poros Island

We depart from the harbor of Ancient Epidaurus heading to the road leading to Galata city and then by boat to Poros.  After the first 3km, we turn left and then the following 3.5km are difficult.  There is a steep uphill with an average ascent rate of 6%. The rest of the course is moderate to demanding, short sharp uphills, low road traffic, and a lot of different sea sceneries. Once we get to Galata, we take the ferry to Poros Island, where we stay for one hour.  We return with the support car.  Whoever wishes can always cycle back.

  • Departure Point:  Ancient Epidaurus Harbor (lighthouse)
  • Departure Time: 08:00
  • End of Tour Point: Galatas
  • Support Car: Yes
  • Guide: Yes

Distance: 39km

Total Ascent: +470m

Average Speed: 20-22km/h

Rating: 4/5

Duration: 2:30h

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Ancient Epidaurus

Ancient Epidaurus is located in the northeastern part of Argolida. It is a popular sanctuary with an archaeological significance, a natural beauty and a tourist attraction. Amphitheater built on the ruins of the ancient homonymous city, is the harmonious combination between mountains and sea. This popular leisure destination has a population of about 2000 inhabitants, most of which deal successfully with the growing tourism in the region. The main occupation of the locals is the cultivation of land, the production of olive oil and citrus fruit and fishing.

Poros Island

Poros is a volcanic island with rich plantation and picturesque bays of deep blue waters on the southwest of the Saronic Gulf, facing the shores of the Peloponnese. It has a total area of 31 sq. km and a population of 4.500; its climate is mild with cool summers and soft winters. The name Poros means “passage”, from the scenic sea passage of 200 m. that separates the harbor of Poros from Galatas, a town located across on the Peloponnesian coast.

Departure Point:

Ancient Epidaurus Harbor (lighthouse)

Departure Time: 08:00