Kids Aquathlon - Porosea 2022

SWIM: 150m | RUN: 1km

Sunday May 29

Start time: 12.15

Location: Poros Municipal Stadium

Athletes : 6 – 15 ετών

Award ceremonies: Age Groups, Men – Women (6-7, 8-9, 10-12).
There is no overall division in kid’s races

Race info

Swim: 150m

The start of the race takes place at the beach in front of the stadium, where the transition zone is set. Athletes swim clockwise passing the next two buoys before they finish at the starting line. The start and the end of the race are at the same line, while the course is triangular.

Run: 1km

On leaving the transition zone, athletes turn right towards Papadopoulou Avenue, where they continue left, heading towards the finish line. Attention, athletes must stay on the left side of the road which leads to the finish line

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