Epidavros Action Swim 3000m 2021

The Swimming races (1500m & 3000m) are integrated to Grand-Prix OWS 

Saturday, September 11th

Start time: 11.15

Location : «Verdelis» Beach, at Gialassi

Athletes : 16+ 

Award ceremonies: Age Groups Men – Women (1619, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, +70)

The start and the finish of the race will take place at Verdeli Beach in Yialasi area. The swimmers will pass anticlockwise (left turn) on the FIRST buoy and clockwise (right turns) from all the NEXT buoys and swim to the starting line. Then, they will exit the water, walk or run clockwise over the race timing carpet, and then re-enter the water, repeating the same swimming course before finishing at the starting line – beach start and finish. During the race, the athletes will pass from over the ruins of the Sunk City of Ancient Epidavros.

Loops: 2

The Sunken City

In the shallow waters of Kalymnios beach, a small part of the ancient city has submerged. One could see the remnants in the waters either by boat or swimming. In some places the ancient breakwater is still preserved. It is worth diving at a depth of only two meters to marvel the well-preserved ruins. It is a fact that the sight will leave you filled with awe.