Standard Triathlon

SWIM: 1,5km | BIKE: 38km | RUN: 10km

Individual & Relay
Cut Offs: Swim=0:45h, Swim+Bike = 3:45h

The Standard & Sprint triathlon races are integrated to WTLTriathlon league 

Sunday September 10

Start time: 08.00

Location: Vagionia Beach

Athletes : 18+

Award ceremonies: Age Groups, Men – Women (18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50 -54, 55-59, +60)
Relay: Men/mixed (teams either by men or mixed men-women) Women (only women) and Corporate

Race info

Transition Zone

Finish area

Swim: 1,5km

The start will be given from Vagionia beach. The athletes will pass the 1st red buoy – (A1), (straight without turning), left on the 2d one (A2), through the two lighthouses (F1), left on the next red buoys (A3, A4, A1), and right on B2 red buoy before they exit on the side of the soccer field, where the transition zone is located.
Course = A1–A2–F1–A3–A4–A1–B2 – Exit

Loops: +1

Bike: 38km (elevation: 650m)

On leaving the transition zone, athletes turn left onto the road, left again at the intersection (Tavern Perivoli), and then straight for about 3km, right on the bridge and right into the highway for about 8km until the U-turn and back to bridge (aprox. 19km) where they start a 2nd loop, and back to the transition zone. Attention is required, when athletes shortly before they finish, they have to make a 90 ° right turn from the main street to a narrow road (intersection at Tavern Perivoli).
Loops: 2-less (interval 3-19km & interval 19-35km)
No-Bars & No-Pass Zones: the 1st and last 200m as well as the interval 35-35.3km

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Run: 10km

On leaving the transition zone, athletes turn right onto the coastal paved road marked with a “RUN” sign, right on the dirt-road to the small theater of Epidaurus and then continue by following the markings on the pavement. Athletes, in order to complete the first 5km, will have to make two U turns (one at the intersection to Yalasi and the second at Gliatis beach – sunken city) before they start their first return passing by the small theater, and the soccer field (transition zone). Shortly before the end of the soccer field, and while the athletes have completed the first 5km, there will be another U turn, indicating the starting point of the next 5km, which should be executed in the same way, before the Athletes head back following the signs and by passing by the small theater of Epidaurus, running on the coastal paved road outside the soccer field (transition zone), in front of the cafes and finally to the finish line, which is located between the park and the pier.

Loops: 2

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