Porosea 2018 – Swim Kids 300m

Saturday June 9th

Start time: 12.00

Location: beach of the Russian Naval Station

Athletes: 8-14 years (born 2010 -2004)

Award ceremonies: Age Groups, Boys – Girls (8-9, 10-12, 13-14)

Russian Navy Bay

All the swimming races will be held in one of the most famous bays of Poros, by the verdant Russian Navy with the surviving ruin of the Russian fleet warehouses. The bay is protected by the island of Daskalio, and it has an organized beach, canteen and toilets.

Race course description

The start will be given at the beach of the Russian Naval Station. The athletes will pass clockwise (right turns) to the next two buoys before finishing at the starting line. Basically, the swim course is  a triangle.